Moving to a different host


Pardon this place holder status of SamePageResults as we’re moving to a different host and format.



SamePageResults specializes in providing facilitation, project management and process improvement to virtual teams dealing with cross organizational and business to business complex problems (aka “wicked problems“).

I’m excited to have added issue mapping and dialogue mapping to my set of services.  Issue and dialogue mapping use collaborative technology to create the ability to visibly link and layer information and build relationships between knowledge and insights from diverse stakeholders.

Creating a shared display that individuals and teams can access, update and share knowledge in static and online environments fosters:

  • increased focus, productivity and innovation by participants;
  • promotes dialogue and enhanced working relationships; and
  • advances buy-in and ownership of choices and decisions made.

Charles Knickerbocker
Twitter:  cknicker
Skype:  charlesknickerbocker